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City: UK State: London
Rating: 10 Total Rating:1
Weight: 160
Height: 5'3
Religion: Muslim
Ethnicity: Indian

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A b o u t    Shazi

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Im just a chilled out person reallllyyy...i like to think of myself as easy 2 get along withh =) and erm i like mangos?! coz theyre juicy?! lool =| & just a lil note :) : if i dont reply or write back, its just coz some guys say the same 2 ALL the girls =| lol and im not gna fall for that shizzle! chilling with nia is funnnnn =D yayayayay and her mummy is the best =] LOVE YOU BUSHRA & NIA's MUMMY :D hehe aka my mummy LOLOLOL I Like] *Th Feelin Of Th Sun Shinin On My Leg/Bak/Arms =]* *Poppin Bubbles* *Openin Other People's Bday Prezzies =$* *Teddy Bear Hugs* *Hailstones Coz Its Like A Weird Massage =]* [I Love] *The Smell Of Tea Tree Oil, Petrol And Shoe Polish =]* [I Hate] *Awkward Silences =| Cz I End Up Making A Cheesy Joke Which Makes Th Atmosphere Even Weirder!* *Wedgeessss Coz Deyre Uncomfortable =(* *When Ppl Give Me Th Silent Treatment Wen I Know Ive Dun Sumthing Rong =(* *When I Wear White When It Starts 2 Rain =|* *When Moths Think They Have Th Ryt 2 Raid My Ro0o0m LOL =@*
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Thanks yo, long time!
sohaib |  03/17/09
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shahrukh |  02/23/09
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