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*eccentric*stoopid*funny(pst..at least i think so)*artistic*teaser*singer*listner*eyeline*Skirts n T-shirt type*flip flops*snow*rain*milk chocolates*dogs*psstt...it has a pun wanna know ask me heheh*flowers*laughing* Thts me
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hey *eccentric*stoopid*funny(pst..at least i think so)* if u got all thz thing den i like u :)
SEXCITY |  03/18/09
ouch !!! too hot, p.s lookin lonely there in the dark xx
ChritinA |  01/14/09
10 u lookin mad good holla back
SiM |  04/02/09
God def spend more time on you. your way to beautiful, i swear it must be illegal, to look that fine. def giving u a 10 but in my book ur a DIAMOND.
miss diva |  01/04/09
i like the kitty...very menacing and powerful. but i don't like the whole posing scene. so im sorry for rejecting your friend request
junaidmalik |  01/09/09
Darling Thanx 4 u're Friendship, It means so much 2 me I Love da way u make me laugh Tears of joy stream from my eyes I Love u when u're angry I Love u when u're sad I Love u when u're glad when you tell me of da day you had I Love u truly - I Love you deeply I wait 4 u as da days go by My Love growing inch by inch DON'T COMPARE UR'SELF TO OTHERS COZ U'RE SPECIAL u're like a present on a special day u're like sunshine when da clouds are gray When I need u - u're always there We talk about life and u always seem to care Our bond of Love/Friendship continues to grow strong u came into my life when I needed a friend, I pray we'll be together until da very end. We are open with each other, We feel a need to share. I just want to let u know just how much I care.
Shumit |  01/04/09
hey thanksssss... lukin gorjus ya self =D 10 4 u 2..x
Jobin |  03/08/09
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