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XXX burfdy
City: Manhattan State: NY
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Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch
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playing ps3,nintendo wii, horse ridin,quad bikin,poker, pool, cruising, shopping! sleeping,chatting,cussin freshies,goin gym,watchn bruce lee movies

heya muffins !! loll im a easy going and friendly person, got a big heart and love makin friends. im the type to drop everythin for the mates i care about, i love shoppin wen im down, hate guys who break girls hearts, dont like over confident people, and fakes that pretend to b there for u n clearly dont. u only got one life so make da most of it coz it too short big shout out to ma girls, parii, natasha, rani and the others that know me, love u girls to bitz ! and if ur a hater, get off ma page, and freshies can fukk off too ! haahazzzzzz and please dont send me repeatedly the same pms u send other girls, thats jus called desperate mate be more original and maybe i mite get bk to you ! mwah! oh and one last thing, if u gota dream follow it and dont let others tell u otherwise love you all !
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yhhh im goood jus got up n jus chillin to sega in the beautiful sunny weather, hope u got your present :) take it easy Love Devina xxx
missinnocent |  04/04/09
hey hun hows u??? have a fab weekend take it easy love always Devina xxx
missinnocent |  04/03/09
neva been 2 delhi....really u shud...so whr u frm??
vikAs_11362 |  03/26/09
well...m frm delhi...doin engineering...wat bout u??
vikAs_11362 |  03/25/09
hey hun hope u good, all the best with the theory test hope those sites were helpful take it easy Dee Dee
missinnocent |  03/24/09
vikAs_11362 |  03/24/09
hey sexilisciousss xx
ravZzZ |  03/18/09
EyY thnXx fO dA req.. =P dYmeS ur hOt DropiN aH 10!! aniiwayz hot aZx pikz were u frOm?? =] mwahhhh 1trZzzZ...
Chronic |  01/12/09
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy my love how you ?? i havee been thinking about call you .. wt time i should call home ?? i want to speak to mom and dad and you too .. ??
Cli¢κ |  01/16/09
thank you sweety how are you? 10 for you too so you do talk ;o) so is that your girl in your gallery? hope shes fine ;o) if she is if not hope your fine ;o))
Anita |  01/27/09
hunni amm kl taa =] iv bin logged in2 4 sm reason an i ent bin on it :( fukeries lolzzz.. hw u duin gawjus x
atiq |  02/28/09
thanks for the luv...lookin cute....dymed
Chic |  01/06/09
A little boy came down for breakfast one morning and asked his grandma, "Where's Mom and dad?" and she replied, "they're up in bed." The little boy started to giggle and ate his breakfast and went out to play. Then he came back in for lunch and asked his grandma "where's Mom and Dad?" and she replied "they're still up in bed." Again the little boy started to giggle and he ate his lunch and went out to play. Then the little boy came in for dinner and once again he asked his grandma "where's Mom and dad?" and his grandmother replied "they're still up in bed." The little boy started to laugh and his grandmother asked, "what gives? Every time I tell you they're still up in bed you start to laugh! what is going on here?" The little boy replied, "well last night daddy came into my bedroom and asked me for the Vaseline and I gave him super glue.... : ).....10 for u........zee
zahra |  03/28/09
profile looks sweet man && lubb de song u have der!!
vickey |  02/25/09
i sent u everything that u needed to gt there. hope u found it lol
20771 |  04/07/09
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