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looking sexy ma
DESIMUNDA |  04/03/09
hey gorgeous not just eyes everything doping 5 holla
badshah |  03/23/09
thank you sweety how are you? 10 for you too so you do talk ;o) so is that your girl in your gallery? hope shes fine ;o) if she is if not hope your fine ;o))
unkown |  04/15/09
wow.. u r mad cute.. have u come from the sky? coz u look like an angel.. :) here s my 10! tc xxx holla back
manbir |  04/11/09
well since u like my first mate n ting ill giv u a ten ini even though u got dem sik eyes n dey make me jelus like...safe ;) tc
Samosa |  01/29/09
Sweetheart, u're da air I need to breathe Da river of life inside of me You are da half that made me whole YOU ARE DA ANCHOR OF MY SOUL You are da words when I can't speak You never fail to see me through Thats da LOVE I Found in YOU You are da roads that leads me home Once in every life, you find da one who's right & When you say 4ever It's true Thats da LOVE I Found in YOU Every Breath I take, I Think of YOU Every beat of My Heart, I Feel Love 4 YOU Every blink of My Eye, I see u're face Every thought I Think - YOU - I cannot replace To spend every moment with ONE such as YOU Would be a True Blessing YOUR BEAUTY COMPARES TO NONE, I've known before I can't THANK you enough 4 opening up da DOOR & Finding 4 me all da Love that I'd lost.
Dhunee |  02/28/09
Darling Thanx 4 u're Friendship, It means so much 2 me I Love da way u make me laugh Tears of joy stream from my eyes I Love u when u're angry I Love u when u're sad I Love u when u're glad when you tell me of da day you had I Love u truly - I Love you deeply I wait 4 u as da days go by My Love growing inch by inch DON'T COMPARE UR'SELF TO OTHERS COZ U'RE SPECIAL u're like a present on a special day u're like sunshine when da clouds are gray When I need u - u're always there We talk about life and u always seem to care Our bond of Love/Friendship continues to grow strong u came into my life when I needed a friend, I pray we'll be together until da very end. We are open with each other, We feel a need to share. I just want to let u know just how much I care.
sharon |  01/03/09
u got some really pretty eyess
hey cutie! thanks for da comment!! cute!
Jov |  02/11/09
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