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Sahara [ar
City: Somerville State: NJ
Rating: 9.695 Total Rating:20
Weight: 124
Height: 5 Feet 1 Inch
Religion: Hindu
Ethnicity: indian

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Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/lusciouswun12

sry guys frogot my paswrd to old account =} T R Y ME 4 4 2 0 8 4 7 0 4 7 9 7 =]
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i rated u a 5 out of 5 also left u a compliment :D what's it like on this new desi site? compared to the old ratedesi?Jiggsey4u
hey whats up??kishan2332kisha
heyy babes.. yr gorgeouss..mad3e me wonder ify r real!?:P..lol.. u on msn :)?livinlavida

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so introductions???
vikAs_11362 |  04/03/09
cum on den furi! lets chat Bengali! if ur "mom" is Bengali lol while ur dads itallian... well i jus had a chicken paella 2day dunno if itz an itallian food but i hav da halal itallian pizza's as well thui bangla mathos ni betti? achcha thhe math... amra mathi lai... lol in slang... lets tease each other hav fun joke around... no flirtin lol ;) jokin i knw i dnt talk bengali much as much as i do English... i talk english more... den bengali but i like it only wen i crack a joke... :D n understand n find it funny wen every1 else will fidn it funny too like comedies on youtube etc... achcha thor nam kitha be furi? thor boish kotho? 1st ill start off clean n den dependin on da circumstance, our friendship, etc n how u like bout me n if i reject da proposal n commitment settlement i wanted 2 make desi_curi_24 den i mite get a lil DIRTY! lol ja me a' datty lil boi lool ;) im a joka i hope u dnt take fings too seriously or dont hate it but like enjoyin urself too! yeh i shud stop bein depressed yaar... i can always do it wiv ur frienship n ur teasin etc... m if ppl do actualli mean it n say dat i AM HoT then ill go along wiv it accept it believe dem if its not a joke i will fink bout da positive fings ppl say bout me n maybe make mightself HoTTER lol u knw i do waxing? no shaving but plucking lol howz u? u khobish furi hehe u can joke wiv me if u like u make me get hyper u knw i read bout Psychosis n itz true well i have mood swings but i also get unnecessarily n unexpectedly get unhappy n sumtimes excited! i hope u dnt mind... dnt block me or report me im jus jokin round... im not doin it 4 real jus pleasure lol haha n y u lukin so silky mRs?
Jiggsey4u |  03/24/09
Yup n I'm Bengali mRs :D Howz u girly? LOL ur like a sista 2 me I miss ms olda sister annoyin me n all dat teasin like kids wanna feel all childish again LOL so how old r u? Ydnt we chat I got free uk texts LOL :D dats nice yup
Jiggsey4u |  03/17/09
unfortunately da blog link doesnt work nemore 1st it worked but den it went 2 da list of search page wiv member's profile picz instead n now it goes 2 ma profile da website doesnt hav da settings page yet either... wen wos it made? how long has it been since itz been on da "actual test finished - ready 2 browse"?
Jiggsey4u |  03/16/09
I dnt talk 2 her nemore... da name of da name of da gal gupssy has become a memory now but I certainly did miss her except she's not part of my life nemore... :(
Jiggsey4u |  03/16/09
iight no doubtttt
DjDannyS |  03/15/09
nm just skool got a coldd nd i gotttaa dj a teen bashh on da 20th soo im tryin to get betttaaa be4 datt but u should come thruu to da bashh
DjDannyS |  03/14/09
sooo wazz gud how u doinnn
DjDannyS |  03/13/09
DjDannyS |  03/12/09
yea myspace.com/djdannys92
DjDannyS |  03/11/09
wazzzz gud how u doin
DjDannyS |  03/08/09
u should be in bollywood yaar
MRSEXY |  04/06/09
hey dude!! how are u?? how u doing?? looking nice
Phenomenon |  01/25/09
u got some really pretty eyess
ROGERDOGER |  01/17/09
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haha |  04/09/09
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