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City: Sicklerville State: New-Jersey
Rating: 9.756 Total Rating:1018
Height: 5'2
Birthday: october 28th
Religion: iislam
Ethnicity: pakiii
Orientation: straiight

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WaSs g0o0dIi3sZ ?
dHa NaMeSz iKrA.
CuRr3nTlY SiinGl3.
ii HaVE LeArNeD alot ThEsE PaST FeW YeARZ. I HaVe ChAnGeD So MuCh. ii ThOuGhT I KnEw WhAt lOvE WaS BeFoRe BuT WhEn ii LoOk BaCk All ii SeE WaS Me GoiiN ThRoUgH PaiiN aNd HoW MuCh ii SaCriiFiiCeD ToO SaVe AnD KeEp A ReLaTiOnShiiP ToGeThEr ThAt WaSNt GoiiNG To MaKe iiT EiiThEr WaY. ii BeeN ThRoUgH AlOt Of PaiiN aNd ii ThOuGhT ii WaS NeVeR GoiiiNg To GeT OvEr ThAt LoVe AnD PaiiN ii ThOuGhT ii WaS NeVeR GoInG To FiNd LoVe AgAiiN AnD sTiIl FiNdIn LoVe. ii KnOw DaT tHeRe ArE p3oPl3 oUt Th3r3 dAt Kn0w DaH f3eLiIn. It ReAlLy HuRtSz.
AnYwAySz ii aM tHiiCk BuT ii Als0 qOt d3m CuRv3sZ =] lol.
Bl0w 0uT d3m CaNd3lSz 0cT0b3r 28th.
LiViIiN iT uP iN n3w JeRs3y.
aTt3nDiIn CaMd3n CoUnTy CoLl3g3.
I l0v3 lIsTeNiIn To MuSiq.
I L0vE pUnJaBi pAKiI & HiP h0p R & B.
UmM .. JuSt So YoU kNoW Udesi iSz JuSt TiMe PaSs !
juSt SoMe FuN f0r MaH b0rInG lIl LiiFe.
So DoNt Go CrAzii On Me =]
AnD aLl ii GoTtA SaY iiSz DaT tReAt EvErYdAy LiiKe iTsZ y0uR LaSt, DoNt ReGrEt, FaLl-iiN-LoVe, LiiVe YoUr LiiFe AnD Be HaPPii CuZ LoOk LiiFe iiSz ShOrT So ENJ0Y iiT =]
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great attitude.... meanz pakii iz all tym da bst..... well great toughtz ov yourz n M new user here great profile ov your hv fun in all the way ov YoUr lyf.... babye
1djp |  05/23/09
hey nm gurl jst chyllin waz good wif u?
PunjabiHustler |  03/30/09
hii =]
x0sexiipakii0x |  03/29/09
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