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City: Rotterdam State: n/a
Rating: 7.3686 Total Rating:327
Weight: 172
Height: 6 feet 1 inches
Smoke: Nopes
Religion: Hindu
Ethnicity: Dutch/Surinam
Drink: sometimes...not too
Interests: teak-won-do/soccer/gaming

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Hi everyone, I noticed this site attracts many beautiful desi people.....and by voting, U can appreciate their looks...how nice!
Don't the f** vote for me if you are jealous or something like that, giving me 1's, what the f** is wrong with U people?fags ..please get a life!
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thnx hotness xoxo
XeNo |  04/01/09
heya u aryte lukin boooom in ur picz drppin ya a 10 tc mwah xxx
netize |  03/15/09
well after i got hit by the first BOTTLE..i thought it was raining BOTTLES!! ..then realised sum kids in the crowd I owed 50pence to in school was dishing out sum revenge...so I ran of stage in tearzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :( ...didnt see u there missy ? u go...?
AmulGandhi |  01/30/09
Bheegey hont tere, pyaasa dil mera Lage abra sa, mujhe tan tera ha ha ha
NIKHILA |  01/08/09
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