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City: lahore State: n/a
Rating: 7.0491 Total Rating:71
Weight: 198 lbs
Height: 6 feet 1 inches
Smoke: never
Religion: christian
Ethnicity: LHR
Drink: kahan tak nashay ka
URL: http://shoaibsports.com
Interests: bodybuilding swiming and late night walking on the road

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ek pal ka jena phir tooo hai jana tohfa kia la ka jayea dil yeah batana khali hath aaye thay khali hath jaien ga bus pyaar ka 2 meethay bool jhil milain ga tooo hans kiyoon ka sab ko hai hansana AA mere dil tu gaaye ja AAA AYEA AA OO AAAYEA
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PriSharma |  02/28/09
was jus passin by and i thought i would say droppin u a dime take care looking beautiful
Romy |  01/07/09
cool pic bro espeacially in blue shirt u look bit like saif khan keep rockin 10 4 yha
33149 |  04/12/09
all i'll says is gorgeous,pretty,hot,sexy and mind blowing u r.for u,its 10.keep it up.
Nikhil |  03/22/09
_________ ________________________ _____________________ ________________________ _____________ _______________ ______________________ _______FOR_________ ______________________ ____________
Vibi |  02/18/09
Darling Thanx 4 u're Friendship, It means so much 2 me I Love da way u make me laugh Tears of joy stream from my eyes I Love u when u're angry I Love u when u're sad I Love u when u're glad when you tell me of da day you had I Love u truly - I Love you deeply I wait 4 u as da days go by My Love growing inch by inch DON'T COMPARE UR'SELF TO OTHERS COZ U'RE SPECIAL u're like a present on a special day u're like sunshine when da clouds are gray When I need u - u're always there We talk about life and u always seem to care Our bond of Love/Friendship continues to grow strong u came into my life when I needed a friend, I pray we'll be together until da very end. We are open with each other, We feel a need to share. I just want to let u know just how much I care.
Aakash |  03/28/09
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