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City: Montreal QC State: n/a
Rating: 5.6223 Total Rating:223
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Smoke: No
Religion: Muslim
Ethnicity: Bengali
Drink: No
URL: http://www.nowhere-fast.d...
Interests: Drawing, Gaming, Playing (not necessarily the same thing)

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A b o u t    AshikM

Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/AshikM

I am just a worthless liar.
I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you.
Trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you.
I will chew it up and leave,
I will work to elevate you
just enough to bring you down.

Trust me.

-Sober , Tool
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My Comments

sweet but as u see there is no ratin scale in my profile so plz dnt rate me
BAD2DABONE |  02/19/09
10 u lookin mad good holla back
PriSharma |  02/02/09
omdayzzz....wassup wid all de pictures.....lookin nyc dow take care.x
26340 |  02/18/09
sweet...you went with the old imperial system of weights and measure... solid 8.5 pounds...wonderful! stunning! and oh...i love the way people below me speak...with the total lack of english, and total lack of competence... wonderful!
haha no wonder neva c ya around i got moandays and tuesday off!!! my hiar erm its grown back fast as usual. Man u mus b 1 loaded girl then putting all those hours away. things r great, how bout urself?? uni is shit jus going there do my shit then leave. cnt b bothered nemore!! ware u work neway?
drthxtrdh |  02/21/09
heyy i caught you viewing, no hello? i've seen your pics on someone elses profile, i think the user names priavte party or something?
Huli |  04/11/09
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