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City: somewhere State: California
Rating: 5.6176 Total Rating:70
Weight: have you ever seen G
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Smoke: hai oye marr jawaan
Religion: 5-ABI
Ethnicity: u decide
Drink: Punjabi and no drink
Interests: YOU

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The 5-ABI'z Spirits Will Never Die
...1 wari wekhi ... 2 wari wekhi... 3 wari layi mein bula.... tu legi meri jaan kaddhke
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god damnnnn this is long,,,,, see what i just did there, heh, heh!!!! lols hope your well, you got ma 10 for sure n always 2 mwahzzzz : m)
band_boy_98 |  02/07/09
haww thanks for that, looking buff urself =)
hemang |  02/07/09
Thanks for the compliment, you look so cute yourself, nice pictures and that goatee of your is amazzzzin.
Amana |  02/05/09
sALAAMZZZZZZZZZZZ mashalla u a beuty...................... liverpool Brap brap no nuff headzzzzzzz there stilllllll all about bham lol wer abouts u in birmingham u gtz me 10 fo sho p.s manz been leavin u comments fo time u keep blankin me *cry*cry* x x x
30222 |  03/20/09
i like what you said about how can you expect people to love you when you dont love yourself.....i say that all the time. i guess great minds think alike :-p
20221 |  04/07/09
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