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Smoke: nah
Religion: hindu
Ethnicity: tiger
Drink: onLy with with the c
URL: nah
Interests: everything

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no fear.. no weakness
"fear of danger is 1000 timez worst than danger itself..." - what i live by
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haha I must admit to feeling flattered that you decided to make the comment a permanent part of your profile. muchas gracias ;)
SiM |  02/04/09
Love 2 love
AnthonyGomes |  01/11/09
night vision eh you aint no soldier
juma |  02/04/09
haha no wonder neva c ya around i got moandays and tuesday off!!! my hiar erm its grown back fast as usual. Man u mus b 1 loaded girl then putting all those hours away. things r great, how bout urself?? uni is shit jus going there do my shit then leave. cnt b bothered nemore!! ware u work neway?
22728 |  02/26/09
Heyyyy thanxz fo d comment.... Bt al a cn say u iz fit mennn hehehe.... Kp lukin sxy hun mwah nuff luv xx
17333 |  03/25/09
hey thanksssss... lukin gorjus ya self =D 10 4 u 2..x
KaliKloWn13 |  01/11/09
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