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City: ask me nicely may b i tell u State: n/a
Rating: 5.3583 Total Rating:104
Weight: 180
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Smoke: thts wht i do all of
Ethnicity: punjabi
Drink: YES...p p p aur P K
Interests: swiming,modelling,travelling,eating,sleeping,clubin,musik,interior designing,i love antiques & what ever it is

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HEY...Jo comment + points daey us ka bhee bhlaa jo na daey us ka bhee bhlaa;) :))...am here 4 fun n not 2 rate me bcaz it dosnt makes n e differnce 2 me...i know where i stand...4 ya alll sweet ppl B happy n let others stay happy... feel free 2 ask me n e thing meanZ...N E THING bcaz am a very easy person 2 go with & i hate joleybiiee type straight ppl bcaz thy alwayz try 2 piss the fukn iggy hell out of me 4 bieng rude 4 nuttin...KISS MA ASS ya rudiees...i LOVE simple n true ppl...how u look like aint matterz 2 me all wht matters 2 me is wht u r inside...ive lost myself, its a long story but who gives a shit & nOW its a long WAy vErY LOng WaytO Go aLONe aLL ALone...
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Mohit |  02/10/09
Bheegey hont tere, pyaasa dil mera Lage abra sa, mujhe tan tera ha ha ha
31522 |  04/06/09
ya lukin gud.. 10 x
KK |  04/12/09
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