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City: ALbaNy State: New York
Rating: 7 Total Rating:2
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Smoke: NoPe
Religion: isLam
Ethnicity: Paki/Persian
Drink: Nope
Interests: danCin, LafFin,shoPpin,mY BoyFreNd

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A b o u t    Amber

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My Comments

the pictures caught my attention and believe me dat rarely happens so im gonna leave u wid a ten ......hollla back
wasssuuu |  03/25/09
hey cute boy ;)
JayPatel |  02/07/09
loll thanks ? haha maybe we shud start by knowin each others name first loll :P
iforgot |  02/28/09
dont remember i hav ever comented on u but u sure are the top chic..hot hot
sanynava |  02/20/09
interesting connection..well i hope i didnt make u too sad...keep ya head up...God bless u... i ll give u a 10..hehe...now u can smile..ehehe
it was sooooooooooo soooooooooo sick. i loved every min of it. ima put the pics up inabit. i took them on my phone. so ull see them on my profile soon. u shud defo go and check it out. highbury looks crap to it. and the atmosphere due to brazilians everywhere was amazin. one of the best matchs i personally think to be seen in person. and it was bare cheap!
illletyakno |  04/12/09
hey how u doing lookin realy well u got a 10.Glow In The Dark!!
PhatP |  03/16/09
I saw a reason to smile today when I saw a butterfly flutter its wings around my way. I saw a reason to smile today, when I heard the children laughing and playing under the warm sun of May. I saw a reason to smile today, when I looked up and saw no clouds of gray. But most of all, I saw a reason to smile today, when I saw you picture on rd, which completed my day. your my princes
19145 |  03/16/09
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