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City: P h i l l y State: Pennsylvania
Rating: 7.3211 Total Rating:401
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Religion: Hindu
Ethnicity: Guju
Interests: Playin Ball....Cars...AIM...Chillin wit my boys..

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A b o u t    Vir

Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/Vir

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I new talkin about Forest would kill the moment :(
AlishaALIG |  03/13/09
wow you look gorgeous mah! got my *10* stay beautiful muahhhh tek care
Gregory |  02/25/09
H3y hun u alryt h0w u been thx 4 da c0ment nd l0vely pics l0v ur profile 10 for u x
nishant |  03/01/09
hey whats up with u? u visit my page and no hello!?!?!? shame on u!
ezyakada1NPA |  01/10/09
omg it takes forever to find your comment box with all this stuff on ur page haha just wanted to say hey =D
Oscar |  03/30/09
TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE Honey, you are the most beautiful person I know. Not just from the outside, But Your soul is the 'light of my life'. Unforgettable, that's what you are, Unforgettable though near or far, Like a song of love, Unforgettable in every way, And forever more, that's how you'll stay, We may not be 'perfect' We have our share of arguments. Yet we can always trust one another with anything. I cherish everything we have together Our times of laughter and the way we share our troubles, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. I will always be yours to have and to hold. Till Death Do Us Part. TILL THE END OF TIME
khanay |  01/08/09
why dont you move into my house. I live in america, and we're way bigger than England. English people have bad teeth.
20440 |  04/15/09
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