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City: Charlette babii State: North Carolina
Rating: 0.0000 Total Rating:0
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Smoke: No
Religion: Hiindu
Ethnicity: 10o% Guyanese. . . M
Drink: umm ... i Try na 2 .
Interests: 3atinG ! ... i d0nt lyke Ta read its not my thang . .i luhV ta dAnCe . .aN i lyke runniNg umm but wen i get tiRed im 0ouTTTTT..lolZz

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A b o u t    ChritinA

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Born aN raisEd in jerz but now im in NC...
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hun do u know this pakistan(has) guy? its just that i think hes stalking me! and i dont know what to do about it? do you think its because he hasnt taken his medication recently? looking good hun :-)
ToOHoTtOhAdLe |  01/03/09
____$$$$$$$$$$$$$___________________ __$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__________________ _$$$$$SHOWIN$$$$$$________________ _$$$$$SUM LUV$$$$$$________________ _$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$______ _$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$___ _$$$$____$$_____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__ _$$$__$__$$_$$$_$$$_HERES_$$$$__$$$_ _$$$$$$__$$_$$$_$$$$$_UR_$$$$$__$$$_ __$$$$$__$$_$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$_ __$$$$$__$$_$$$_$$$$_10_$$$___$$$_ ___$$_____$_____$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$__ ____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$______$$$$___ _____$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_______$$$$$$____ ______$$$$$$__________$$$$$$$$______ _______$$________$$$$$$$$$__________ ________$$$$$$$$$$$$$$______________ _________$$$$$$$$___________________ __________$$$$$_____________________ _________ ..*) .*)____________ _________(. (. . .`.*~__ U R LOOKING SOOOOO HOT BABE, LUV UR PIC. ENUF LOVE BaBy ZeD.XX
sapna |  04/17/09
lookin nuff pretty. keep it up . 10/10 xxx
shivani4u |  01/11/09
i fink if u fink sum1 is cute u shud tel dem so. so i droped in 2 say..."ur cute" lol i'm ere 2 hit u bak wiv dat 10 u promised me to promise to giv a respected promise 10 2 u promise... (dont worry i "promis" i'm confused 2) lol enjoy boi... (sorry not dat ur a boi, but dats da only fing dat rymed wiv dat) lol
JeanSeb |  03/09/09
Baby Da way u make me Feel It start with just a glance, then a smile springs right up Your face comes closing in Da way u make me Feel Honey ! when u're near me can hardly be described so powerful it is Each & Everyday I'm ever so Thankful for da Bond we share & I can't remember Life without u Listen to u're Heart It will lead u on da right path There is nothing on earth that could begin to compare To da beauty of da love da 2 of us share Even though u cannot see it, we both know that it is there It is a feeling of da heart That is so pure & so rare of da passion u feel 4 me I am oh so very aware U touch me in ways that only 2 lovers can share U're my hearts desire, My love so fair I'll treasure u 4ever with tender loving care
JaswinderJazzK |  01/05/09
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