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City: urbana State: Illinois
Rating: 4.8735 Total Rating:193
Weight: alot, guess
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Smoke: no
Religion: all
Ethnicity: desi
Drink: no
Interests: talking and playin' tennis, name a sport and i am there

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A b o u t    Dipan

Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/Dipan

a loyal man, i like simple things in life
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thankoo =] jusz retuRniin` the love xoO saroO owNed =p
Ashar |  01/04/09
Good Morning Be nice and smile to everyone you meet You donít know what they are going through & They may need that smile and treasure it Honey, I dream of uíre touch while uíre away I dream of uíre smile all through da day I remember da day you came into my life I dream of da day I can fall asleep next 2 you Da Love between you & me To be 2gether for life is a dream Iíve every night When I see uíre smile Thereís a view of all my dreams All my hopes & wishes & a Love 4 eternity I will stand beside you always & give u all my love Iíll never leave you even when da times are tough To only you I will make this promise & know u can always believe that for as long as I live, uíll be all I need I Love you so much & thatís all I know Have a Lovely day.
ShahzadAKASuraj |  03/20/09
thanks for the request
Nirosh |  01/17/09
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