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City: M.I.A.M.I. State: n/a
Rating: 7.5161 Total Rating:427
Weight: enuff'
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Smoke: holla at da kid
Religion: hindu
Ethnicity: Apache
Drink: Henny
Interests: Colleckin Money

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Dis Be the Youngest Veteran in the nine fifty four,holdin it down fuh di trini Boyz in dat Dirty south.dem men nah bad like we. .dat peanut butta kid keepin shit crunk,sittin' sidewayz.i still di raggamuffin who stay hood,yuh kno how we island people is handle di scenes.I aint no pimp,I aint no playa,jus gettin dis raw hustle - yuh dig. Sprang go dead ah soldiah' buh tryin to keep tings quiet..di rude boy still have di style and tactics..Jah still guidin' di boy hand.so story done.

If you in dade or broward n need a tat, custom work, Coverups,potraits,whatever. Link Me Up.the kid is nasty.Ill cut my island people ah discount fa sho.. drop me ah private message if u lookin to get sumtin. or yuh could pass by GinO's shop on 183rd across from the Carol CiTy flea market .the Kid Make house calls 2 if its like dat..
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