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Jasmeet Sehra
City: C-town State: New Jersey
Country: USA
Rating: 9.912 Total Rating:23
Weight: somewhere in the hun
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Smoke: Hell NO!
Ethnicity: Punjabi
Children: Hell NO!
Drink: Yeah sometimes
http://www.udesi.com/Jaz Sehra
Interests: Playing basketball, chillaxin, writing poems, drawing, and DANCING!
RelationStatus: Hell NO!

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Web Address: http://www.udesi.com/Jaz Sehra

Hey! The name's Jasmeet, but my friends call me Jasz. I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school =). Born and raised in Ozone Park, New York. Moved to Jersey about 6 years ago. Livin up that single status. I'm a outgoing person. My friends and family mean the world to me!!! Love 'em. Music is my life and dancing is my passion. My fav. kinda music is RnB and of course Punjabi! Bruah! haha. I'm a shy person at first, but once I get to know you more, I open up. My sidekick is my obbsession <3. Can't live without it! I joke around a lot. Love making ppl laugh =D. Most of the time I'm always happy, unless you really tick me off! Hmm anything else you wanna know? Just ask! =) Laterz
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How many ratings hav I got? N wot rating did I get? Can u tell me cos I can't c it on my profile even wen I log in... :( Wot do u fink of me as a person? Apart from all that depression, suicide, sadness etc... N if set wos nefin dat u liked bout me... Wot wud it be? Wud u eva go out wiv me???Jiggsey4u
hi how are you?kishan2332kisha

My Comments

hey! heres another song 4 u to listen to: as a friend... but the love i for desi_curi_24 hope u dnt mind but wud u help me ? man sum1 help me get married 2 her!!! im so crazy bout her! im mad bout her im in luv wiv her! might b possesed wiv her but i cant live without her n i dnt wanna live my life without her either! i think and hope we're made for each other me n her... and get her to talk to me too! oh n i hope dis site allows html r u sure it does? cos otherwise i'll hav 2 stop is der ne1 here on udesi dat da admin knows dat i might b able 2 ask dat knows n is also a member like us..?
Jiggsey4u |  03/24/09
wots CLICKSOR? lol it always keeps on poppin up slidin upwards weneva i come on dis site on a person's page? in green wiv a box itz always mentionin bout marriage, wife dating etc tryin 2 make ppl sign up 4 romance bt itz probably not a genuine site maybe a fake one... i had 2 keep on clickin on da button 2 close it...
Jiggsey4u |  03/23/09
do me a favour will u and tell me if this song embed works please... it should autoplay... Na Kajre Ki Dhaar
Jiggsey4u |  03/23/09
nah im not sayin ur old... u jus look older than u r in ur picz... dats all n i did wonder if u were like my age... da 1st time i saw ur pic n profile...
Jiggsey4u |  03/23/09
U seem to look older in ur picz.. U realli r u realli 16...? Hmmm... ^o) sum ppl fink I'm younger den I am like da 1 of me in my brown shirt wen I wos bout 19, 20 or 21 I dnt rememba wen I took dat pic u knw I used 2 hav a lot of fun but not nemore
Jiggsey4u |  03/22/09
How did u knw I wos depressed? I didn't tell u N check out wot I wrote bout bed bugs on lucsiouswun12's profile I feel so heart broken, empty, lonely, always low and down And my happiness is sadness and my sadness is my happiness nowadays when I feel sad n have a good cry n am in tears I never cry in front of ppl not even in front of my lil baby sista otherwise I'm really quiet n giv ppl I knw a silent treatment Sumtimes I go travellin on my own but 4 da whole day on a bus mostly n sumtimes train/tube N den wen I feel da need 2 cry I do it I let myself especially on a bus but wen I end up crying so quietly dat knw 1 knws bout it but hide my tears quickly by wiping my tears n hiding my feelings I hide it n bottle it up in my heart my lungs my legs my stomach my brain in every single part of my body which ever way can help to hide it and at the same time help to continously make me feel depressed n sad... The other night I wos in my room locked da door n cried feeling suicidal at the time n put notes on my msn pm not caring bout wot wud happen if ppl r gonna find out n b shocked or angry I even thought bout jasmine (desi_curi_24) n wanted 2 fall in love with her I ended up thinking bout her day n night wen I wake up in da mornin n thought if her at night wen I went 2 sleep I thought I wosnt gonna fall in love again n not havne1 2 fall in luv wiv...
Jiggsey4u |  03/22/09
I like weekends sumtimes... Sumtimes I like weekdays especially wen ders peace n quiet :) but not sunday's itz plain boring I haven't had a chance to upload I'd put up my poems yet but most of dem writin iz mine Frm my thought sum of it I took it frm an old friend I even put it into my own words n put only wot applies to me...! Howz u? Do u go skool or college? LOL
Jiggsey4u |  03/20/09
hey! jus wanna say... wots up? (lol) hope u hav a nice weekend... even though its only friday now i wanna say it nice n early in advanced lol i like to welcome ppl wud hav been nice if ppl done da same 4 me...! how u doin yaar? dat means friend in hindi right or woteva labguage itz in otherwise its prem i fink
Jiggsey4u |  03/19/09
Hey there beautiful lookin cute~~~ holla back~~~
cuteboy |  03/18/09
i like ur hair... r u bengali? bdw... i thought u were like 24 or 25 years old... ^o) u look older than u r... in those picz i didnt realise u were 16 or r u realli 16? apart frm RNB wot ova kinda music do u listen 2...?
Jiggsey4u |  03/16/09
hey! i thought ur name wos Jasmin/Jasmine lol ;) seein Jaz iz ur name 4 short on ur profile.. u look beautiful by the way!
Jiggsey4u |  03/13/09
the pictures caught my attention and believe me dat rarely happens so im gonna leave u wid a ten ......hollla back
Jeffy |  01/25/09
lol... thnx...wubu2?
ElvinKumar |  03/04/09
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