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State: Georgia
Rating: 5.9557 Total Rating:1761
Weight: no need to know ;)
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Smoke: no
Religion: hindu
Ethnicity: desi
Drink: no
URL: www.friendster.com
Interests: watch movies, hang out with friends, watch

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sandeep |  02/03/09
Here goes my perception 4 u I hope i am right with that. A 4 Adorable B 4 Best C 4 Cute D 4 Desi E 4 Elegent F 4 Friendly G 4 Gorgeous H 4 Honest I 4 Intelligent J 4 Joker:) K 4 Keen L 4 Lovely M 4 Master mind N 4 Naughty O 4 Obedient P 4 Possesive Q 4 Quite R 4 Romentic S 4 Sweet T 4 Talented U 4 Unique V 4 Very cute W 4 Wonderful X 4 Xarori insan Y 4 YEH KHUD BANA LENA Z 4 Zealous Holla back leaving u wid 10
GriMez |  03/27/09
Darling, For da First time I felt this true love in my heart It was buried so deep & that I would always keep For da First time in my life, I found my love & my life I promise to share with you my time & my attention & To bring joy strength & imagination to our relationship I promise to keep myself open to you to let u see Through da window of my world into my innermost fears & feelings, secret & dreams I promise to give u da best of myself & To ask of you no more than you can give I promise to respect you as uíre own person & to realize that uíre interests, desires & needs are no less important than my own. I promise to grow along with you to be willing to face changes in order to keep our relationship alive & exciting I promise to love you in good times & bad With all I have to give & all I feel inside in da only way I know how Completely & 4ever
Infamous |  03/31/09
thanks hunn ur pretty good loooking urself..especially the hair =)
D FiNeSt |  03/21/09
haww thanks for that, looking buff urself =)
DJah |  03/21/09
so fit!!!!! iunno wat this "tick" biznizz is, i aint from uk, but....ur Fit still....a dollar worth 10 dimes!!! seeeeeen!!! Dameno.
Zareen |  02/20/09
god damnnnn this is long,,,,, see what i just did there, heh, heh!!!! lols hope your well, you got ma 10 for sure n always 2 mwahzzzz : m)
Localboy |  01/15/09
im fine..but it took me a long time to scroll down to ur comments...y so many pics?
Ladoo |  04/15/09
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